What is Energy Star®?

energystar_rightSaving money is important for customers. Fortunately, saving money with your heating and cooling system typically means saving energy as an added benefit. Carrier is proud of the fact that a variety of their products come with the ENERGY STAR® label.

Carrier products bearing the ENERGY STAR® label are created to use less energy and prevent the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. In order to receive approval from ENERGY STAR®, these products are required to meet strict regulations provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy regarding energy efficiency. With not only the customers in mind but also environmental conservation, Carrier proudly offers solutions to save the customer money while also saving energy.

In one years’ time, it is typical for a household to spend upwards of $1900 on energy expenses. Products with the ENERGY STAR® label can provide savings of nearly $600 on energy bills. Ask your Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer about available products and how they can help you save money on utilities.

While we may be unaware of how our daily activities affect the environment, it is important to know that on average, a single household can be responsible for twice the amount of greenhouse gas emissions than an automobile. Simple tasks such as using your air conditioner, running your washing machine, and even turning on a light require energy which results in greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Fortunately, Carrier offers ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment to cut back on emissions and energy use to help protect the environment.

In order to make the air in your home as free of contaminants as possible, Carrier offers a variety of solutions ranging from humidifiers, ventilators, and media filters to UV lamps, and air cleaners/purifiers. When used in combination with one another, they can help to cleanse the air in your home by killing any bacteria and mold that may be present, enhancing air flow, and minimizing any microbial build up which may be affecting your IAQ.