What is Hybrid Heat®?

hybrid_rightWhen it comes to heating and cooling systems, having a system that is both energy and cost efficient is a necessity. Understandably, there is a direct correlation between the energy used by your HVAC system and your energy expenses. Choosing a high efficiency system not only saves energy, but also results in savings on utility bills.

Carrier is dedicated to providing customers with specialized home comfort systems in order to meet their individual needs. By calling your local Carrier HVAC dealer you can receive assistance in choosing the equipment that is a good fit for your home, such as a HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system.

A HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system functions using two heating sources, a furnace and a heat pump, both of which are optimized during moderate heating periods to provide comfort and energy-efficient performance. The heat pump acts as your air conditioner and heater on mild days, and uses the furnace to heat your home when the temperature outside drops to a certain level (also known as the balance point). View an interactive demo


Heating and Cooling Comfort
Our HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system uses the Infinity® 96 gas furnace with our Infinity® 19 heat pump to provide optimal comfort, whether the furnace or the heat pump is in use. A combination of both heat sources results in warmer air being delivered to your vents so your home heats more quickly, with less energy being expended.

Despite its name, the heat pump in your Carrier HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system also provides cool air to act as an air conditioner for a total indoor heating and cooling solution for your home. In addition, with an increase in the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) that is required for new systems, your dual fuel system will use less energy, resulting in reduced energy costs when cool air is a necessity during the warmer months of the year.

With a variety of control options, you can be sure to find an option that allows you automatic control of your HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system. Your installation technician can assist you in choosing a balance point, the temperature at which your system will switch from heat pump to furnace operations. As time goes on, this balance point can be easily adjusted by your Carrier HVAC service technician for ideal comfort and energy savings. In order to find the ideal balance point for your system, ask your local Carrier dealer about our seven day programmability in order to set a schedule that is based on your individual preferences.

Real-World Savings Examples
Explore the potential savings of using a HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system by watching this Savings Example demonstration, based on a 2,000 sq. ft. home within locations across the U.S. To view the projected annual savings in dollar amount, simply move your mouse over each city.