fad_right100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Purchasing any new system is a big commitment. You’ve invested your time in looking for the right unit at the right price with the right dealer and now you’re ready to start enjoying your purchase. Who’s to blame if something goes wrong?

We have an answer for you that other dealers won’t have. If after one year you are not satisfied with your installation, your local Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer will repair or remove the installed components for you while you receive a full refund on the original purchase price. That’s it.

Other dealers may offer partial guarantees that fit their needs more than their customers,satisfaction-guarantee
but 100% is what we give back if your level of satisfaction isn’t met the first time.

Another guarantee that comes standard with any new install: we guarantee the craftsmanship of any new system will be completely free of defects for the lifetime of that system.

We believe that being comfortable with your decision to purchase from a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer is just as important as being comfortable in your own home. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that in the unlikely event that your unit needs repair or replacement, we will take care of it. Period.